Watch Out For These Seven K-Dramas Releasing In December

Welcome to Samdal-ri | Image: mydramalist

Sweet Home | Nightmarish Conjuring

Image: Scene from Sweet Home | Nightmarish Conjuring

Maestra: Strings Of Truth

The series is about a secretive female orchestra conductor, one of the only 5% of conducters, who unveils mysterious incidents happening in her troupe. Image: tvN

My Demon

The series depicts the story of a contract marriage between the heiress of a conglomerate, and a demon who temporarily loses his powers. Image: wikimedia

Death's Game

If you loved Squid Game, this one is for you. Death's Game is the story of Choi Yi-jae who is on the verge of falling into hell, experiences death and life 12 times. Image: tving

Soundtrack #2

Soundtrack #2 is a rom-com about the reconciling love between two exes, a piano instructor and a rich CEO who dated for six years. Image: asianwiki

Flowers Bloom Even In The Sand

The story of a soon-to-retire wrestler who gets back to the ring when his long lost childhood friend becomes his coach. Image: asianwiki

Sweet Home S2

As humans turn into savage monsters, a troubled teen takes on thechallenge to save his neighbourhood. Image: Rotten Tomatoes