Image Of Ananya Panday’s Cocktail With Aloo Bhujia Leaves Internet Perplexed

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Social media users believe that the Ananya Panday Aloo Bhujia cocktail is a result of Photoshop. Panday had an image of herself at Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor’s party, but in the image, she was holding a cocktail filled with Aloo Bhujia, at least that is what it looks like.

Social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter are running rampant with theories as perplexed fans ponder why there was Aloo Bhujia in a cocktail glass. While many assumed that Aloo Bhujia was a product of Photoshop, the fans were still confused regarding why Panday would Photoshop Aloo Bhujia into a cocktail glass. The blurriness of the photograph around the cocktail has convinced social media users that the image was edited.

Some Redditor users believed that the image was not a result of Photoshop and that the cocktail did not have Aloo Bhujia. They believed that it might be noodles in the cocktail rather than Aloo Bhujia. The users said that certain restaurants or bars serve food in martini glasses and suggested that Panday’s Aloo Bhujia cocktail was not the product of Photoshop.

Ananya Panday Aloo Bhujia Cocktail Goes Viral

Most believe that the Ananya Panday Aloo Bhujia cocktail is a result of Photoshop in an attempt to cover up the alcohol in the glass. While one Reddit user was confused about why Panday would need to hide alcohol, as nobody in the image is under the legal drinking age, other users believe Panday hid her alcohol to avoid trolling.

Trolls rarely need a reason to begin harassing and attacking people, and celebrities are often seen as soft targets. Panday’s statement regarding struggle was turned into a meme and users still make jokes about the statement more than 2 years later. She has been trolled for wearing an “uncomfortable dress” and for her posting an image with actors Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor.

Thus users find it plausible that Panday covered the alcohol in her glass by editing Aloo Bhujia into the cocktail glass in an effort to avoid trolling and criticism.

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