Women Writers Fest Kolkata 2020

Words aren’t merely words on a page, they get performed, they go onto the screen, they bring about change. In the third edition of the SheThePeople Women Writers Fest Kolkata 2020, we’re looking at words in motion, words beyond the printed page. The day-long festival puts the spotlight on authors, writers, bloggers, and editors, featuring firebrand panelists from across genres.

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Kolkata, the most culturally vibrant city of India, considered the birthplace of nationalism and the place that nurtured the renaissance of the Indian literary and artistic expression. The diverse range of participants on each panel will make for rich discussions to inspire imagination, conversation and ultimately, change.

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The Women Writers’ Fest is organized by SheThePeople, India’s biggest platform for women and curated by Founder Shaili Chopra, Ideas Editor Kiran Manral. For the fabulous Kolkata edition, Baisali Chatterjee Dutt joins us as a co-curator.


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  • Kiran Manral
  • Shaili Chopra
  • Baisali Chatterjee
  • Anindita Sarbadhikari
  • Sangeeta Bapuli
  • Damayanti Biswas
  • Poulami Bose
  • Sonia Bahl
  • Shreemati
  • Ananya Chatterjee
  • Anupriya Gupta
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She The People

SheThePeople.TV is India’s biggest storytelling platform for women and inspires new dialogue, exchanges leadership ideas, fosters networking and reinforces the ability of women to contribute to growth. Founder Shaili Chopra says, “We need to celebrate writing across genres, way beyond literature. We have women ahead in screenwriting, short stories, business and entrepreneurship, fiction, environment, some fantastic columnists and more. As part our effort to do more with writers across India, this is a first of a kind festival that promises to ignite rising minds”


We have a power packed day with some award winning authors and writers.

February 2020





Panel 1

Topic: Fireside Conversation, Timing: 11 am to 11.30 am

Moderator: Kiran Manral, Speakers: Eina Ahluwalia

Panel 2

Topic: Writing Thrills, Timing: 11.30 am to 12.15 pm

Moderator: Ayesha Mazumder, Speakers: Sharmistha Gooptu, Sonia Chatterjee, Damyanti Biswas & Kiran Manral

Panel 3

Topic: Heritage Chronicles, Timing: 12.15 pm to 1 pm

Moderator: Vibha Mitra, Speakers: Supriya Newar, Sangeeta Bapuli & Kamalika Bose

1 pm to 1:45 pm 


In Memorium 

A Tribute to Nabaneeta Dev Sen By Supriya Roy, Timing: 1:45 pm to 2 pm

Panel 4

Topic: Write for change, Timing: 2 pm to 2.45 pm

Moderator: Dr. Fuad Halim, Speakers: Shreya Ila Anasuya, Paromita Bordoloi & Sohini C

Panel 5

Topic: Lost or Found in Translation, Timing: 2.45 pm to 3.30

Moderator: Dr. Julie Mehta, Speakers: Poulami Bose, Ananya Chatterjee & Saheli Mitra

Panel 6

Topic: Doing it Yourself — the self-publishing journey, Timing: 3.30 pm to 4 pm

Moderator: Smita Ganeriwala, Speakers: Anupriya Gupta, Bhavna Karnani Killa & Shubhra Shah

Panel 7

Topic: From Storyboard to Screenplay to Screen, Timing: 4 pm to 4.45 pm

Moderator: Ruchhita Kazaria, Speakers: Anindita Sarbadhikari, Dr. Moupia Mukherjee, Sreemati Mukherjee & Sonia Bahl

Panel 8

Topic: Performing Your Written Word, Timing: 4.45 pm to 5.15 pm

Moderator: Baisali Chatterjee Dutt, Speakers: Gina Maya Iyer, Sharoni Poddar & Suchetana Dey

The Saturday Club

The Saturday Club

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