Online Safety Summit 2018 Delhi

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Every year SheThePeople brings together a diverse group of leaders in safety and technology for our Safety Summit. This year we are in Delhi to lighthouse major safety challenges that the community is facing.

The #SafetySummit is a collective conversation on current issues that can help us understand our ever changing digital environment. It is an effort, that will build on challenges, solutions, shared issues to reflect on the future that’s ahead of us.

It is opportunity for professionals working in the field of online and digital safety to learn more about the current issues faced by women, and hear evolving approaches and solutions by our expert panel of speakers.

Women are vulnerable to online security breaches, fake news, gendered abuse and sexual harassment. Whether it’s a troll or an eve teaser, online or offline women remain easy targets. The challenges are many and identified but the solutions are yet few, and imperfect.

Online Safety Summit for Women powered by SheThePeople.TV & empowered by UN Women is an attempt to get all stakeholders together and explore a consolidated approach to safety.

Date – 28th August 2018 | 10:00 am

Silver Oak Hall

Habitat World, at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

(Entry from Gate No. 3 on Vardhman Marg)


  • Ankhi Das, Facebook
  • Mahima Kaul, Twitter
  • Talish Ray, Advocate
  • Kiran Manral, Author
  • KG Suresh, IIMC
  • Anja Kovacs, Internet Democracy Project
  • Kalpana Vishwanath, SafetiPin
  • Rahul Srivastav
  • Nazia Erum
  • Grace Banu
  • Ngurang Reena
  • Shaili Chopra
  • Kiran Manral
  • Prasanto Roy, IT Expert
  • Nalin Mehta, Times of India
  • Syed Nazakat, DataLeads
  • Gurmehar Kaur
  • Japleen Pasricha, Feminism in India
  • Ranjana Kumari, CSR
  • Anita Mishra, Pyschologist
  • Kunal Mazumder

Safety Summit

The summit will focus on noting the risks of identity exploitations, financial risks, emotional harassment, awareness, knowledge and education, policy and law and enforcement.

August 2018




10:00 am – Registration

Opening Note – Shaili Chopra, Founder SheThePeople.TV

10:15 -10:30

Panel 1

10:30 to 11:15

‘Fake News: Shoot the Messenger or the Medium?’

Speakers: Ankhi Das, Facebook | KG Suresh, Director, IIMC | Rahul Srivastava of UP Police| Nalin Mehta, Times of India | Pratik Sinha, ALT News

Moderator: Shaili Chopra

Panel 2

11:15 to 12:00

‘Women And Gendered Abuse Online’

Mahima Kaul, Twitter | Anja Kovacs | Nazia Erum  | Ngurang Reena (Delhi University Professor and Northeast Activist) | Anita Mishra, Psychologist

Moderator: Kiran Manral

Panel 3

12:00 to 12:45 

Using Tech to Solve for Society

Speakers: Kalpana Vishwanath, Safetipin | Anindita Mishra, McAfee Cybermum| Syed Nazakat, DataLEADS

Moderator: Prasanto Roy, IT Expert

Panel 4

12:45 to 1:20 pm

Law Enforcement in the Online World

Speakers: Ranjana Kumari, CSR |  Pankaj Pachauri, GoNews  |Talish Ray A | Trushar Barot of BBC

Moderator: Kunal Mazumder, India Correspondent, Committee to Protect Journalists

1:20 to 2:00 – Ask Me Anything By Gurmehar Kaur

14:00 to 15:00 – Workshop theme is Online Safety: Tools and Methodologies, Organised by Feminism in India, Japleen Pasricha


Silver Oak Hall , Habitat World, at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

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