Diaper Changing Station In Men’s Restroom In Bengaluru Airport Goes Viral

Diaper Changing Station

The Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru has received a lot of appreciation online for having a diaper-changing station in the men’s washroom. Ali Samhaan, a passenger, coming from the Maldives, found the station at the Bengaluru airport. He tweeted about it saying, “Saw this in Bangalore International airport men’s room.” Which has gone viral.

Till now changing diapers was considered a mother’s responsibility. So, the diaper changing stations were installed inside women’s restrooms. The installation of such a station at Bengaluru Airport in the men’s washroom tells a lot about changing parenting trends. And it is a welcome change. With women stepping out to follow careers, today both parents are taking equal responsibility when it comes to parenting.

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Acceptance and appreciation of changing gender norms

Ali Samhaan’s post has generated a debate online on gender roles and stereotypes on Twitter. “So what? Is that a task only for women? FYI men also do change baby’s diapers,” a Twitter user commented. However, Ali reaffirmed that his tweet was an “appreciation post.” Many others applauded the airport for introducing the facility. “Many such changing gender roles are coming in India, with fathers rearing children and mothers going to work so it is not surprising to see diaper changing stations in men’s room,” commented another twitter user.

Airport officials reported that the diaper-changing station was introduced many years ago and several people use the facility every day. In a tweet, Bengaluru airport officials said, “We’ve received big thumbs-up for the diaper-changing stations at both male and female restrooms at the Bengaluru airport. In a world where mums and dads share the responsibility of raising children, we believe that this is a must-have.” reported TOI.

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Saumya Rastogi is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv