“My Life Is In Threat”: Singer Accuses Maha Minister Dhananjay Munde Of Rape

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A singer from Madhya Pradesh has accused Maharashtra Cabinet Minister Dhananjay Munde of rape, claiming that her “life is in threat.” The survivor, sharing a copy of her written complaint to the Mumbai Police on Monday, wrote on Twitter that no action has been taken on her claims. Munde, a Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader and Maharashtra Minister of Social Justice, has refuted all allegations of rape, saying that they are “defaming” and “blackmailing” him.

The survivor in her tweet further mentioned that the Oshiwara police station refused to accept her complaint, tagging former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and NCP leader Supriya Sule for help in the matter. The Mumbai Police tweeted back to her, asking her to share details of the case with them.

Renu Sharma accuses Maha Minister Dhananjay Munde

Source: Twitter

In her complaint, the singer has accused Munde, her alleged brother-in-law, of sexual assault and rape. She claims Munde has sexually exploited her by luring her with career prospects in Bollywood. In an interview with Zee 24 Taas, she says she knows Munde since 1996 “when he was nothing.” She continues, “He started raping me in 2006… He used to ask whether I would take care of his kids and marry him.”

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Dhananjay Munde Denies All Charges

In a Facebook post, Munde has called the survivor’s allegations “fake.” He elaborated that she is the younger sister of a woman with whom Munde shared a relationship beginning in 2003. Claiming that his family (wife and friends) knew about his relationship, Munde produced a son and a daughter with the said woman.

“My family, wife and my children have also taken these kids as family and approved. I have taken the responsibility of the highest parenting…” he alleged in a lengthy post.

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From 2019, he claims the two sisters began blackmailing him and demanding money. “My life was also given threats of serious physical injury, betrayal,” he said. In November 2020, he claims the woman he was involved with allegedly published private materials against him, following which Munde filed a petition against her in the High Court. The HC, he says, directed her to stop the publishing of said defamatory content.

Referring to the singer’s complaints of alleged rape, he writes, “All these complaints are false, and part of the plan of blackmailing me and collecting ransom from me…”


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