Tripti Athaide talks About Being a Mompreneur

Tripti Athaide

To say my corporate job life completed me and kept me fulfilled will be wrong. No matter what the targets, deadlines, crisis, in the end, the feeling invariably was a sense of insignificance. When my daughter was born it created a real struggle and I asked myself was this all worth it? Hence, I packed up my bags and got down to the grind of being a stay-at-home Mom.

But as fate would have it there was a new lease to my career, this time as a “Mompreneur”. I learnt plenty of things on this journey. Here, I talk about a top few experience which stood apart…

Being a Mompreneur and giving credit to first 3 letters of the word is a No brainer.

My Very Own Little Chef

Yesss… My daughter was very much my inspiration as she loves cooking and all the bells and whistles that go with it. The bubbly joy and the broad smiles when we would whip up an Exotic Veggie sandwich or a Delicious oozing healthy Chocolate Lava Cake got the wheels turning. Hence, I decided to give entrepreneurship a shot which has turned out to be my second child.

Eating Healthy

A lot of mothers have this constant niggling at the back of their mind that their kids are fussy and unhealthy eaters. That is why we take utmost care to inculcate healthy eating habits.

Spreading the Joy & Knowledge

Being in an active social circle and attending many children birthday parties made me feel they were repetitive and mundane. The classes too were stereotyped. I felt the need for a unique concept that would appeal to the young children. Where they can earn about various ingredients and cooking techniques. So, I made sure that when they went home from the classes, they would have their minds and tummy’s filled and could do the same for their family members.


Like a Child gives birth to a Mother a Family gives birth to a Mompreneur. I am blessed to have my family backing me all the time. My husband and in-laws are my pillars of strength. They ensure that I have adequate time to focus on my venture.
Tripti Athaide

Tripti Athaide

Self Taught

Throughout this journey, I have had no professional training as a chef. I learnt on the job. This would seem as a disadvantage, but my inexperience has helped me come up with dishes which are unique.

Economic Independence

Through my career, I have always taken pride that my earning has given me economic freedom. So when I quit my job, although my heart was Yippee!! It was sad that the freedom was not there anymore. Now that this venture has been a success I am once again got a huge boost.

  Tripti Athaide is the founder of “Flavours of Fun” a no flame cooking class for children from 3 to 15 years.

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