Living With Three Siblings During The Lockdown: Here’s What It’s Like

lockdown siblings

Coronavirus has given all of us a vacation that no one asked for and not in a way that we wanted. All the restaurants stand closed and we can’t go anywhere except for different rooms in our house. And while to many people the lockdown days may seem tenfolds longer than they are, life at home is pretty fun and eventful for me. Well, most of the time.

Why, you ask? Because I am at home 24 hours of the day with my three siblings. Now I have no idea what these fellows dream about when they sleep, but every single morning they wake up with a new idea and experiment lined up for the day, and believe me, that keeps my day from being anything but dull.

The bedroom has turned into our art room

I think everyone knows this- kids love colours. They do not love any specific type, you can give us anything from watercolours, sketch pens, crayons or pencil colours and we’ll grab them and run. Lately, not just my room, but those of our parents and grandparents have been turned into an art gallery, featuring all sorts of paintings made by us. Our drawings feature birds, trees, spaceships and everything in between. The redecoration has given a new look to our house, which is refreshing.

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Turning kitchen into a laboratory

Kitchen is basically to cook food right? Well no, you are wrong. In our household kitchen is for experiments. Ever evening, my siblings and I experiment with baking cookies or cakes.

I have a 16-year-old sibling and both of us love to bake. We watch YouTube tutorials every now and then and try to replicate dishes we have learned for our family. Recently we made an Oreo cake which really turned out well.

Grandparents are not that old

During these unplanned holidays, we have also uncovered a family secret: that our grandparents aren’t as old as we think them to be. My brothers cannot stop gawking at our grandfather’s sixes. He can outperform them during a game of cricket on any given day. We seriously need to take a fitness lesson or two from them.

Nights are our new days

Before the lockdown, all of us would go to sleep by 10 o’clock at night, or midnight at max, because of our hectic routine. But now we go to sleep at five in the morning. Even the elders in the family stay up way past midnight, and I think by now we have watched half of the movies available in Disney Hotstar and Amazon Prime. Staying up together is much more fun than doing it alone, I’ll give you that.

I never thought being locked up with my siblings 24 by 7 would be so much fun. Isn’t life full of surprises, both good and bad?

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The clock is just a showpiece

Before the lockdown, our lives were tied to the clock in our home. Everything from waking up, having breakfast, going to school or college, studying, playing and whatnot was done according to that clock. But now it is just a showpiece. We don’t have a fixed routine, but since we are all in this together it is fun.

I never thought being locked up with my siblings 24 by 7 would be so much fun. Isn’t life full of surprises, both good and bad?

Avleen Kaur Narang is an intern with SheThePeople.TV. The views expressed are the author’s own.