In an era of brand conscious people, have you ever thought that you can also be a brand? Well, if not, this is the right time to indulge in personal branding. The way certain brands pop up in your mind when I talk about Fashion, the same way your name should pop up in others’ minds when they talk about some cardinal skills. This is what personal branding is all about. It is one of the most peculiar requirements for accelerated career growth. And with the advent of social media, an online presence is now both – necessary and apt to foster your personal brand.

What Is Personal Branding?

With nearly everyone marching towards the service sector and trying their best to reach the topmost positions, it becomes even more important to stand out of the crowd. Collect all your experiences, skills and personality traits in a bag and present it effectively. This is what is called personal branding. Your personal brand is your image that people in the industry see. It is the perspective that people develop about you, but you are the guiding factor for what they develop when you keep on polishing your personal brand.

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Why Is Personal Branding Important For Women?

The way to reach the top is through a staircase. While it is definitely not advisable to skip a step, increasing your speed of climbing the stairs is the best way to reach the top. Personal branding is what helps accelerate your career growth. Considering the slow pace at which women are being inducted to the leadership positions, it becomes even more important for them to work on their personal brand. Developing a personal brand puts them on the radar of exciting career opportunities.

How To Go About Personal Branding?

Several studies have shown that women don’t self promote their work, the way they ought to. Women are less likely to credit themselves for the success of their team because they are taught to be collegial. For them, the family matters as a whole. And the same attitude is reflected in their professional lives as well, which results in them not taking charge of their success. So the time they are sitting for an interview or in a boardroom, they are very less likely to cite their work as remarkable or best in their field. This affects their professional image and hence also hampers their career growth. Here’s how to go about creating your own personal brand.

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  • Online Presence

For someone who is new to the job market, or haven’t even entered the same, social media is the best platform where you can brag about your skills. However, bragging single-handedly doesn’t work, and so, you can keep your fam posted about what more skills you have added and what more productive activities you’ve been involved in. Though we have plenty of articles on social media detox, believe me, nothing can beat social media when it comes to creating a brand for yourself. In this regard, LinkedIn is the most suitable platform to discover a plethora of career opportunities.

  • Introspect

No level of popularity will suffice if you do not build on your key interests or skills. Therefore, before rushing on to create your personal brand, introspect about yourself. Who you are? What is your area of interests and what all knacks make you exceptional? Yes, these are the key points you need to introspect before initiating the development of your personal brand.

  • Polish Your Skills And Let The World Know

Once you’re done introspecting, it’s time to add certifications and internships in your kitty. But how do your followers know what you’re good at? Keep them posted. You post a few of the key learnings and experiences from the internships and certification courses. If articulated well with proper key points, these will ensure that people know that you know.

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  • Know About Your Target People

The aforementioned thing goes in vain if you do not target the right audience. Your target audience should be the recruiters. It should also consist of someone who is paying you currently, so this opens the chance of internal promotions. Identify your supporters – anyone who positively reacts to mostly every post of yours. Positive comments and reactions add value to what you post.

  • Keep In Pace With The Trends In Industry

No matter what industry you’re interested in, if you can master the ongoing trends, you automatically increase your chances of being hired. It’s not that something becomes a trend overnight. So, you have to master it in its initial phase, when it is not that popular in the industry. This is where your network comes into a role that you build through your online presence. If you look closely, all the aspects of personal branding are interlinked. Your network can help you gain insights on what is popular in the core of the industry.

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