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Over the years digital and social media have proven to be a powerful vehicle in terms of raising awareness and mobilising campaigns on a variety of issues. Women’s rights activists have been quick to acknowledge this importance, which is why in recent times social media has more specifically demonstrated its potential for drawing attention to empowerment and rights issues such as discrimination, gender inequalities and negative stereotypes. Also, with the advent of technology and media, women are on their journey to attain freedom and be empowered.


The internet is playing a pivotal role in placing campaigns around women's rights at the centre of public debate.

Women are very good at adapting to latest technology. It has enabled them to take a central position in the society. Also it has helped them to work towards being self-confident, assertive and better-informed citizens. Digital media is a mirror of the society. They are important resources which enhance women's skills, give knowledge and access to information technology. It strengthens their ability to combat negative portrayals of women and challenge instances of abuse by speaking up fearlessly. Media is a medium and a tool that bridges the distance between hope and opportunity. It opens up more ways for women to participate in economic activity and helps in gender diversity.

Digitisation enables them to communicate, express, exchange information, build solidarity and actively participate in decision-making activities.

Prominent females, such as Emma Watson and Michelle Obama have deliberated the importance of women rights and empowerment on social networking sites. Furthermore, they have taken a stand on women’s rights issues and brought conversations about it to a wider public and spectrum.

The Internet, as a platform, ensures that women all over the world are able to connect. Not only through the servers but also come together by sharing experiences and helping each other find a solution. As the world shrinks in size, coming together, unifying and helping each other is what will further progress the fight for equality for women and further the progress the fight for recognition of women in different fields. This will happen by making everyone aware of prominent females who will become role models for the younger ones.

Social media has a strong potential and it has made women stronger, better and has uplifted them. Also, it has been instrumental in thwarting the perceptions of women as the weaker sex. Furthermore, issues pertaining gender equality and women abuses have gained prominent and much-needed attention and we, the present media addicted generation with young flesh and warm blood running in our bodies; can’t stop rejoicing about it!


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Sanjana Chawla studies Journalism at  Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. The views expressed in this column are author's own.


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