Bucket List – Madhuri Dixit’s Marathi Debut Looks Promising

Bucket List Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit will be seen on silver screen in Karan Johar’s Marathi film – Bucket List. The trailer that was launched recently seems promising with a liberating theme.

Bucket List appears to be a film about the liberation of a homemaker, who discovers that there is more to her joy and identity than being an ideal wife, mother or daughter-in-law. The premise which captures the essence of being an Indian middle-class married woman strikes a chord.

Even the prospect of seeing Madhuri on the big screen again is enough to bring a smile on to our faces. However, movie makers have failed to give her great scripts, ever since she made a come back with the forgettable Aaja Nachle.

If the trailer of Bucket list is anything to go by, then Dixit may finally have landed a role which would satiate her fans.

Liberation in a Bucket

The trailer shows Dixit as a caring woman who caters to individual needs of her household. She is the kind of homemaker who would cook four versions of the same dish, as per individual liking of her family members. Dixit as Madhura goes through a life-saving heart transplant, which she receives from a young woman called Sai. After coming across Sai’s unfulfilled bucket list, Madhura sets out to complete it for her. We all deserve to have a couple of things on our bucket list, which will help us give an individual identity to our lives. It doesn’t have to be a life-altering incident for the value and uncertainty of life to dawn on us.

During this quest Madhura learns to ride a bike and clicks a selfie with Ranbir KapoorThe trailer also shows a reel life reunion between Renuka Shahne and Dixit after nearly 24 years.

We are all Madhuras in different ways.

Though many of us would not go to the extent of making four versions of the same dish to appease every palate in the house. We do priorities the needs and desires of our husband and children over our own. Indian women are expected to make these adjustments, in the name of duty. These adjustments may be as extreme as covering your head and face for a lifetime, or waiting for every other member to finish their meal before starting theirs.

Sometimes they come in the name of giving up a lucrative job to bring up children. While on other occasions they make women adjust their personal requirements as per the household budget. Even in the most modern Indian households, women feel a pang of guilt if they do something which brings happiness to them but not their families.

This guilt works like blinkers when it comes to seeing what makes one happy and fulfilled.

A heart transplant surgery gives Madhura a new perspective towards her life. Completing a deceased young woman’s bucket list ends up becoming her identity. Probably her journey would help people realise how these seemingly small adjustments that Indian women make in the name of devotion and dedication in fact affect their identities in a big way. Also, it may finally put across the message to us women, that it is okay to think about what makes us happy once in a while.

We hope that Bucket List will bring forth Dixit’s full potential to carry a film solely on her shoulders.

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