Boredom Can Prove To Be Productive: Especially In College Life

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It’s really not necessary to Google and find out what boredom is like because everyone has experienced it at one time. Broadly, it is a phase when your surroundings don’t interest you anymore. But boredom shouldn’t be related to inactivity. In fact, boredom is a “necessary evil”. Let us see how.  

Boredom is creativity’s kingdom

Sitting idle is a creative act in itself but many people associate boredom with “no work”. Boredom opens the doors for creative thinking, away from the confines of the present. A space secluded from friends, family, technology, and responsibilities may take you to some other world which may light-up your mind with the excellent thoughts and ideas.

“One day I was sitting alone in my room staring at the wall clock. When the clock struck 12:00 am, I came up with the idea that the two needles meet silently at night which further led me to write a mesmerizing love story”.

A dose of happiness

What’s happiness? There is no perfect answer to define this abstract term. However, you may seek happiness in boredom. Strange, right?

While sitting alone on a rooftop, you may see the two pigeons fighting and relate it to the time when you fought with your brother or sister for the television remote. 

There are certain things which I forget about, due to the ever-ending hectic schedule. However, whenever I sit idle I realize and at the same time memorize innumerable things which are on my to-do list. Yesterday, I was feeling quite unloved and I started eating a laddoo from my cupboard. Suddenly, I realized that my mother sends me a box full of my favorite coconut laddoos every month from home, and a smile crept up on my face.

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It can make you a legend. Irony!

Boredom is a silent catalyst that makes you more productive through self-examination.

Remember Sir Isaac Newton and his Law of Gravity? He was sitting idle under an apple tree when it suddenly fell on his head and he came up with the gravitational formula. Nevertheless, boredom may give you a significant direction for your career or a change.

 An opportunity for introspection.

How many of us have the time for introspection? Practically, none.

Boredom is a silent catalyst that makes you more productive through self-examination. You may think about past events and find out the reason for your failures or find out what was stopping you from doing something adventurous. Thus, boredom has the potential to make you extremely productive.

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“No-cost” knowledge

Boredom is an asset to you. It always adds something to your knowledge i.e an unconscious engagement to your knowledge. Just a bit of observance, and see what you have gained. Learn the new fashion trends, count the number of seats or read about the usage of emergency alarm button while traveling in a metro. It’s worth! 

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Udisha Srivastav is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv