While yellowing-with-age male vests are proudly hung on the clothesline to be dried off, my mother rushes to cover bras with a towel. Bra, it is just another piece of clothing, then why are we so shy talking about bras in public? And the ‘we’ includes all the mothers who reprimand their daughters on a visible bra strap. We’ve been taught to keep our bras hidden deep in the closet as if it is something shameful. Bra! Do not whisper, say it out loud!

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The media and film industry has always portrayed men in their vests as ‘machos’ that can lure women easily in their undershirts. (Seriously?) On the other hand, in as late as 2013, Shiv Sena-led civic body went on to try the imposition of a ban on “illegal” display of lingerie on mannequins. They can’t punish perverts ogling at women but think that female lingerie is indecent? No wonder our moms have always been so shameful about this piece of garment.

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Can I not wear a pretty one for myself?

There’s nothing wrong with buying a pretty lacy bra just because you want to wear something you like even if it is not visible as such. But our moms often suspiciously end up asking who are we planning to show them to! Can I not wear a pretty one for myself? Also, it is absolutely normal and even healthy to take off the bra for a while. A study reveals that it would not lead to sagging of the breasts. Moreover, it is advisable to not wear a bra while sleeping as it can cause breast cancer.

Breaking the Taboos

The taboo associated with bras is downright irrational and even comical. Let’s wrap our arms around the fact that bras are for ensuring comfort and if they do otherwise, then what exactly is the point of wearing them? If you feel pleasant in a pretty one for that matter, then so be it. If you do not feel comfortable in it, then ditch it for a day. And you do not have to hide it in a deep dark corner of your closet.

Our mothers have borrowed their mindset from the ethos of the society they grew up in. Sit with them, talk to them and make them understand how lingerie isn’t something to be hushed about. Fight them if necessary when they make the ‘tch-tch’ sound on a visible strap. One thing that assures that society (at least some people) is becoming progressive in this regard is the availability of lingerie on online shopping sites.

Let’s wrap our arms around the fact that bras are for ensuring comfort and if they do otherwise then what exactly is the point of wearing them?

So, dear mothers, let your daughter nix that brassiere for a day, if she feels like. Let her bra strap be shown and please buy her a pretty one instead of the doleful white bra of the yore. Unhook the age-old notions and shove the embarrassment out of your minds, for your daughter’s sake.

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