Social Media Reactions On Balika Vadhu’s New Season

Registration Of Child Marriages, cast of Balika Vadhu 2
Balika Vadhu Is Back With A New Season: It is the longest running show on Indian television and for long it has tried to push boundaries and raised important questions in society.

Given the change in the cast, the reactions are mixed. Some are gushing over the long journey the show has taken and the questions it has raised. Others are worried about the exposure of a little child to a serious subject like this. Nonetheless the show made headlines.

The promotional video, uploaded by Colors TV channel’s was flooded with comments, requesting Siddharth Shukla to reappear as Shiv, the collector who was also Anandi’s second husband.

One of the said requests, among others, read, “Balika Vadhu 2 is coming but it’s only me who is not interested in season 2 but waiting for our collector Saab Shiv” with a picture of Shukla.

“Fingers crossed to watch You @sidharth_shuklain the cameo role” read another.

Netizens largely appreciated the toddler, who plays around in Rajasthani wedding attire as shown in the teaser, reportedly playing Anandi’s childhood.

While Balika Vadhu is considered the longest-running Indian TV serial on Colors TV, which ended in the year 2016, viewers stated a feeling of nostalgia from the teaser of the same. “Wow… I love this music.. taking me back to when I with my family used to watch every day at dinner,” commented a user.

Netizens also took the next season’s arrival to remember Pratyusha Banerjee who played the lead role in the previous season of the serial but allegedly, died by suicide on April 1, 2016, the same year the first season ended. “I think no 1 can replace our Anandi,” claimed one of the users, while another appreciated the new Anandi, “so cute Choti Anandi is looking”.

Aside from the other tweets, a user claimed the toddler’s role in the serious role as disturbing, they wrote, “this toddler is way too small to fit in the story.”

Here are some other Twitter reactions on the upcoming season of the show: