The Digital Women Awards are governed by certain rules and regulations. You are requested to read the Frequently Asked Questions in detail.

The awards are given at a special ceremony at a date announced in the year. The event is a private event only accessible through tickets, invites and special passes. All winners must come to collect their trophy as organisers do not courier or reserve them. In rare cases when winners send others to receive their award, the proxy attendee may not be included in the winners picture as the winner must be present for the winner’s picture sent for publication.

There are eight broad category heads under which 30 awards will be given out. For example under e-commerce, there will be awards for apps, innovation, uniqueness, new wave of ideas, marketplace. Similarly for content creation there will be awards for regional app, website etc. The applicants must select the broad category under which they fit. We have added two special categories COVID Impact and Solopreneurs this year.

The final eligibility of the Participant will be subject to the discretion and approval of Jury. Participation in the awards is subject to terms and conditions/ rules and regulations laid down here. (Read More: Digital Women Awards Terms and Conditions)

Employees and immediate family members of Google, SheThePeople.TV, sponsors and partners of the awards are not allowed to participate in the Awards.

The Lead entrant should be a woman. The organisation must have completed at least 1 year of operation in India. (Also read Application Process)

The entrant’s organisation could have created a product / service / community / process / procedure / ecommerce/ social sector community etc. (View Digital Women Awards Categories)

Participants applying for Digital Women Awards should be women leaders of Indian registered entities. It’s not important for the entrant to be Indian so long the organisation is India-registered. Applicants could be CEOs, CMOs, Digital Officers, Founders, Entrepreneurs or campaign leads depending on the various categories being applied for.

SheThePeople.TV presents ‘Digital Women Awards’ to recognise digital women leaders. The awards will be presided over by an eminent panel of judges representing the digital community, industry, public figures and corporate houses.

The objective of the Awards is to identify the digital organisations that have established a strong technology, ecommerce or content foundation and are prepared for this wave of internet transformation.

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