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Meet Five Indian Women Taking the Indie Music Scene by Storm

Indian-women in Indie music

Indian women are owning the most happening sector of the music scene- the indie circuit. These powerhouses of vocal and instrumental talent make no apologies for their music or who they are- and they make sure everyone else knows it. Here’s introducing five talented women with stellar content out there:

  1. Arunaja: Name sounds familiar? Probably because she was the only Malayali artiste to qualify for Top 3 in the Colors Infinity show, The Stage. Born in Kochi and working in Mumbai, her husky tones and enviable vocal range can put any other artist on edge. Having released her debut track Heartbroken in 2019 (with over 1.5 million views on YouTube) she’s one of the rare indie artists that can stay, well, independent-the Sterling Reserve Music Project gave her autonomous control over producing and writing her work while recording. Her goal is to ensure her music remains ‘different.’
  2. Hanita Bhambhri: It’s often been said that the best music comes from the heart. Hanita Bhambhri proves it. Her ability to translate vulnerability into talent is evident in her latest single, Dive, which is about her experience almost having drowned at the age of seven. Writing about love, companionship and need- especially during periods of isolation (like quarantine), her other contributions to the ‘Indian indie’ genre include Chehra (2018) and Bored as Fuck(2020.)
  3. Plastic Parvati: Winner of the 2019 Toto Music Award, Plastic Parvati has some of the most dynamic music in the indie genre, period. Her theme is usually sexuality and/or mental health, as evidenced by her debut album , Songs about Lovers. Her brutal honesty carries forth from her work, and she’s very frank about what she does- even claiming that the ‘bubble of 100 indie musicians in Mumbai’ isn’t a ‘scene’ but she’s happy to be a part of it.
  4. Rika: Rika’s ability to multitask comes from owning and loving multiple identities- Indian, Serbian, British and Talented. Once a part of BBC Asia’s Future Sound of 2018, her single No Need has over 2 million views on YouTube and her newest work, Wanna Know is trending off the charts as well. Her ability to channel 90s vibes into her choreography and style with an overall modern synth-pop indie range is what marks her as one of the artistes to watch.
  5. Tritha Sinha: She writes, performs, produces and rules. Tritha Sinha is based out of New Delhi and Paris, and her hit single PaGLI was released by Sony Music in 2014 and is still popular six years down the line. She learns, unlearns and revolutionises- breaking tradition and twisting the rules of classical music to create legendary work. Other than her record-breaking album Raagas in Paris and band called Tridha Electric, she’s all about creating art for worthwhile causes. Hence, Tridha has co-founded SPACE, a women’s collective in New Delhi dedicated to creating music to encourage dialogue about gender justice.

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It’s worth listening to these melodies and harmonies with your next cup of chai during this beautiful monsoon. I promise, each of these amazing indie artistes has something powerful to say that will resonate with you no matter what.