The problematic queen has dropped another masterpiece, which like always is a rich concoction of beauty and chaos. If you have grown up swinging to the tunes of Lana’s music like me, you would understand what I mean when I say I am a little bit guilty of having her as my lady crush. 

Like her songs in the past, the recent one Chemtrails Over The Country Club also has a bit of violence and its romanticisation. After the red vintage car and the opulent country club gets out of the scene, Del Rey treads into the dangerous woods. There are wolves, thirsty for blood. She and her girlfriends aren’t afraid of them, rather ready to be devoured by them. The women in the video are far from victims, they enjoy the howls and the sneering. They walk towards the wolves with their eyes shining. As if they become of them. As per my understanding, this is the depiction of Del Rey’s inclination towards men and their dangerous love.

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 As she herself has been in an abusive relationship and she sang about it in the past with lyrics, “He hit me and it felt like a kiss/like true love.” I won’t justify or object her issues with men and violence but I would dare to say that she is a woman flourishing in the way she can. In Chemtrails Over The Country Club, she is seen adoring her scars in the shower and treating them like the wounds of victory. 

As most of us see Lana as the cool girl who knows how to handle the fatal male gaze and subvert it. In the music video, she is all that. Another and the most refreshing thing about the video is Lana Del Rey’s girl group. She talks about elementary school and summer leisure in the lyrics while see women playing around with jewels. This is in a way the singer’s ode to her friends. The sisterhood most women in the world are grateful for. 

As Del Rey flaunts her net-like white mask while riding in a vintage red car and letting a glass filled with ice cubes kiss her skin, the rich people’s quarantine lifestyle is at display. She roams around in her designer white gown paired with a mask in the same colour and makes the best of her time around kids. It forces me to envy her and her likes who have so little care in the world and yet are the most troubled. 

As the name goes, the video has a lot of scenes of aeroplanes leaving straight lines of fog behind them. Maybe the singer is hinting at the country club crowd, which is often the high class, being overly influenced by the conspiracy? Well, what is not disputed is that Lana Del Rey has done it again. She has given us what we like her for. The drama and the chaos we crave. Just like the scene of her walking through the glass, I am certain that she will manage to walk through anything the world throws against her. Prosper, my problematic queen. 

You can watch the music video here: 

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The views expressed are the author’s own.

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