Public Speaking Workshop By Radhika Maira Tabrez

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Public Speaking Workshop. For a species as fond of communicating with each other as we humans are, ironically, few things are as scary to us as grabbing that mike! But if we cannot get on that stage and claim it as ours, we lose out on many good opportunities in life. And our stage can be anything – from admission interviews, to job interview panels, to pitching to that very promising venture capitalist. The whole world is a stage!

Excellent public speaking – the ability to gather and hold the attention of our audience, and get our message across effectively – is now an essential life skill for anyone and everyone.

And what is more, with the right guidance it can be mastered more easily than you’d think.

Live Workshop on 1st November 2020 (Sunday)

11:00 am to 1:30 pm 

INR 999/-

Booking Closed

Benefits of this workshop:

  • Demystify exceptional Public Speaking
  • Learn to design and adapt content
  • Understand the 4P Model – an important toolkit for public speaking

Workshop Content:

–  What are you saying? (Content)
–  Why are you saying it? (Purpose)
–  How are you saying it? (Engagement)
–  Who are you saying it to? (Reading the room)
–  The four Ps of Public Speaking


Graphic Design Course Online

  LIVE Workshop – I will see you there. So you can actually ask your questions and have them answered right then.

Radhika Maira Tabrez

Our Expert

Radhika Maira Tabrez is an award-winning writer, editor, writing coach, freelance trainer and a motivational speaker. Her debut novel ‘In The Light Of Darkness’, a literary fiction released in 2016, won the coveted Muse India – Satish Verma Young Writer Award. Her second, a novella, The Emancipation of Farzana Siddiqui, was released in early 2019 to rave reviews. Radhika has won many a writing contests. Her stories and articles have been published in UnBound; Sankarak, Defiant Dreams, When They Spoke, Mock, Stock and Quarrel, and Better Parenting. In March 2018, she became the first Indian to ever speak at a TEDx event in Bangladesh. She has also won the Rising Stars India Award (2017) and 100 Most Inspiring Writers by Indian Awaaz (2018). She is the founder of Roots &Wings – a life skills enhancement program for children and adults.

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What You Will Learn?

– What are you saying? (Content) – Why are you saying it? (Purpose) – How are you saying it? (Engagement) – Who are you saying it to? (Reading the room) – The four Ps of Public Speaking