She is probably the young practising yoga teacher at 13 years. Her love for yoga was a childhood passion which soon turned into a part-time profession even as the teenager manages her school schedule with her yoga practise and teaching.


DeVoe teaches donation-based Vinyasa classes that she calls Sea Vibes Yoga, at a small studio inside Bergamot Spa where her students range anywhere from age 4 to 60.

If I’m ever stressed out or have exams, I always meditate before them. That helps me a lot.


After completing a 200-hour five-month yoga certification program in February 2014, she registered with Yoga Alliance. At her age with her talent, she has also become something of a minor celebrity in her local yoga community.


DeVoe is devoted to studying asana and yoga philosophy — and tries to keep up with her understanding of the form. Her vinyasa flow classes invoke nature as a theme. “I’ve lived by the ocean my whole life so I’ve really liked just going with the flow and incorporating that into how I teach,” said Ms. DeVoe to NYTimes who calls her class Sea Vibes Yoga.


When she was 8 or 9 years old, De Voe’s mom took her to a kid’s yoga class in the area. “It was awesome!” she recalls in a piece for Mind Body Green “I didn’t know much about yoga because I was so young, but I had a lot of fun with it and felt so energized afterwards. So we went back every week.”


De Voe dismisses the desire to learn yoga to simply lose weight or become skinny. “Some of my friends say that they want to come to yoga so they can get skinny. But it’s not about that. The spiritual part of yoga is not about looking a certain way; it’s about honoring yourself and telling yourself you’re beautiful,” she tells MBG.


Feature Image Credit: MBG