My profession has taken me to so many organizations and I won’t be doing justice to this topic unless I share some of my own experiences…I believe that both gender are equally responsible as the inequality problem still exists in 21st century.


Anything we resist, it persists…

Woman in Leadership
Mind over Matter


Stereotype Conversations:


  • I don’t think a woman can do justice to that role, it requires a lot of traveling.
  • It is better to hire a male candidate, as it may need late stay in the office.
  • I cannot work under a woman boss; it is against my pride and personality.
  • I am against hiring marriageable girl because after marriage their priority changes.
  • We had a tough time to manage her task when she went for a maternity leave.


Archetype Conversations:


  • I think for HR we should only hire a woman candidate she can do justice to the role.
  • We need more women employee; they bring more discipline to our organization.
  • Let’s take female candidates for the client relationship they will exude more compassion.
  • After the woman boss taken over that division, the business has definitely grown.
  •  I have observed women’s productivity has been more than men in my department.


What woman should be doing?

  • Belief for Relief – Belief in self, I have seen many women very confident when at home but the moment they are in office the self-belief unexpectedly dwindles and it disappears into thin air…self-belief changes man’s perspective.
  • Challenge the Inequity: Woman should take up challenges and not shifting it to man; as referred in the chat rooms of male corridors, women should set the terms of reference and not being the reference of disadvantage.
  • Basic Instincts: Instincts and intuition is what matters in taking critical decisions and I have observed how decisions based on these have benefited organizations, they should use it generously and without fear.


What man shouldn’t be doing?

  • Housing Complex: Unlike the physical complexes there are these mental complexes where man shouldn’t be staying. He should stop to house in ‘inferiority complex’ or ‘superiority complex’, creates problem  in building wrong perceptions of gender inequalities.
  • Home Work: He shouldn’t start looking at women differently the moment he steps out of his house. He never undermines the ‘woman’s power’ at home that provides the power to come out and work.
  • Stop to Start: He should stop showing ‘sympathy’ and start showing ‘empathy’ towards woman, as there is a subtle but a big difference. It is the empathy that engages and sympathy disengages the conversations with them.


Woman in Leadership
By Breaking the Barriers


It is a paradox…that the digital divide has the potential to bridge the gender inequality and bring gender diversity by digitally empowering woman to occupy leadership positions, the space which has been unfairly male dominated and squarely to be blamed on man’s mindset… virtual world is breaking the real world barriers


To get there, TOGETHER we can “Break the barriers & Make a difference…”