A boy born in Mexico to Jordanian Parents is a really unique baby has it carries DNA from three parents. The baby boy was born on April 6th in Mexico, having been conceived using a technique called spindle nuclear transfer.

The mother of the boy was suffering from Leigh syndrome, a severe neurological condition that affects at least one in 40,000 new-borns. She previously had four pregnancy losses and had given birth to two children, one who survived less than a year, another who lived only 6 years due to the syndrome.

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But finally with the help of Dr. John Zhang founder of the New Hope Fertility Center in New York City the mother conceived in United States but finally gave birth in New Mexico as this technique of child birth has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration of USA.

Zhang removed disease-causing DNA from the mom’s egg and replaced it with a healthy sample from the donor. In an interview  Zhang quoted that “To save lives is the ethical thing to do,” to New Scientist.

However the critics of the technique are not quite impressed with the success they say that “children would have to be tracked for decades to make sure they remain healthy. They say altering DNA passes into unsafe scientific turf.” in an interview to New Scientist.

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It’s great to see science facilitate a birth like this, however the further use and application of this technique is still pretty early to predict.

Feature Image Credit: New Scientist

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