This year, many spectacular moves have been taken for women nationally. Now, even a luxury hotel in Kolkata has appointed women in lead roles for most of its services. Set to roll out from next month, Westin, located in Rajarhat, has recruited women managers in various important departments, including sales and marketing, front office and food and beverage.

“The endeavour,” said Shabana Khan, director of human resources, “is to create an environment of diversity and inclusion by ensuring an offering of a platform of development and growth opportunities for our female associates across levels,” reported by TOI.

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The aim is to celebrate womanhood in leadership roles and achieve gender diversity by breaking stereotypes and internal networking programmes by treating men and women in any sector equally.

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The GM, Vikram Singh Chauhan, the only man in the women-led team, said: “We aim to develop women in leadership and in making a difference in achieving gender diversity by breaking stereotypes and internal networking programmes. For business, equal treatment of women and men means access to the most talented pool of workers, a more balanced and talented board, increased accessibility, greater appeal to the consumer base and an enhanced corporate reputation.”

To name a few, Britta Leick-Milde of Hyatt Regency became the first woman GM of a Kolkata hotel. Currently, Ranju Alex stands as the only woman GM of the JW Marriott. Earlier, it was Madhumita Mohanta, executive chef at Lalit Great Eastern, who has broken the glass ceiling.

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