Some women police are patrolling roads on their bicycles! How does that sound? This is exactly what happened in Allahabad where women police can be seen keeping watch on the lanes and sectors of the Magh Mela campus on their bicycles – for the first time in history.

Devotees and pilgrims gather in Allahabad from all across the country during the Magh Mela where the women cops are patrolling on bicycles. The initiative came after considering that foot march or bikes were not possible options due to the slippery condition of the mela streets (because of sand). Bicycles were the feasible choice to enter narrow lanes of the mela campus.

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Mela police official, Ganesh Saha, told TOI “Two patrol teams of women constables have been formed who would conduct patrolling on their bicycles near Sangam noz and adjoining areas.” He added, “This is the first time when women police teams have been assigned a special task of patrolling to develop a secure feeling among devotees and kalpwasis camping in the mela area.”

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What started with only two teams of women cops later increased to many after seeing the success of the initiative. However, these cycles are not just ordinary ones. According to the police officials, they are made for high-performance and these cycles could be equipped with the necessary attachments – depending on the needs of the patrolling official – including searchlights and carry boxes. To make the patrolling faster and easier, the official said that they’ve arranged for cycles that have gears.

Police said that the women constables will guard the events during the evening and morning hours and the main aim is to round up any unwanted elements roaming here and there.

Feature image credit: TOI

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