The screenshot of a sexist chat between a white man and a woman recently went viral, causing outrage on social media at the former’s attitude for assuming that he would be preferred, thanks to his gender! The conversation was about a promotion the woman got in an internship programme and he started criticizing her for it as he was not considered for it.

A student of University of California, Azita Rahman shared it on her Facebook profile and caused a storm against the sexist intent of the message which were sent by the man saying ‘no offence’. The post was shared by several netizens and the man’s text messages were called out for sexism.

He started by saying straight out, “No offence, but you really don’t deserve that promotion.”

Then he went ahead with explaining why he is better suited for the job being a man than Rahman. He even suggested that she “could be more successful as a secretary”.

His clear words were, “I work my ass off and I bring her coffee every day… you are too emotional in your decision making. I am not sexist but this position is better suited for a man. Men are better with numbers, we make better accountants. You’d be a lot more successful as a secretary.”

Azita Rahman post
Azita Rahman post

Working hard is one thing but since when did bringing coffee become a necessary factor to get a promotion? This man’s views seem regressive just by how clearly he has defined what a man is good at and what a woman can do according to him. And to wrap a sexist comment up by saying “I am not sexist but” does not make it any less misogynistic.

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But before anyone could comment anything on the man’s regressive attitude, Rahman gave him a befitting reply as she said, “See the difference between you and me in the workplace is that while you are spending all your time sitting on your white ass, like you’re entitled to everything in the world and waving off hardwork just because you are a man, I’m actually working and getting ‘your’ promotion. You can say whatever you want but at the end of the day, our male boss used your so-called decision-making skill to promote… me. Not you. I am sorry your genitals and your skin color did not work out this time. Maybe next promotion.”

Azita Rahman post
Azita Rahman post

Rahman slayed like a girl should, she made him realize what he was trying to do and that is putting his white male privilege forth. And she also taught him how it is not going to work with her.

And in the meanwhile she also established her superiority by reminding him about his work.

You go girl! We need more like you.


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