Women in India are done being victims. From reporting crimes of sexual nature to fighting back on buses; women in our country are done being passive about eve-teasing. In a similar episode recently, a 23- year old woman from Agra confronted a man who winked at her on the road. This was no ordinary man; he was a gunner and was travelling with a Samajwadi Party functionary, but this didn’t stop the young lady from facing him.


On her way to the doctor with her younger sister, the woman stopped her scooty at a traffic intersection next the MLA aspirant’s car. The woman, later identified as Sadhvi Pandey, then saw the gunman wink at her and instantly got off her vehicle, jumping on top of the Mercedes the gunner was sitting in. She pulled off the party flag on the car and smashed it against the windshield. As the crowd gathered to witness this incident on the road, SP Leader Abhinav Sharma’s bodyguards came to his recue and smashed the woman’s phone on the ground, which she was using to take a picture of him.



Sadhvi Pandey on top of Abhinav Sharma's car Picture By: Patrika.com
Sadhvi Pandey on top of Abhinav Sharma’s car
Picture By: Patrika.com


Soon after the cops came and dispersed the crowd, the woman refused to climb down from the car, forcing Sharma to pay her for the phone and demanding an apology from the gunman. Later Sharma told the Times of India that even though his guards later misbehaved with the woman, he believes that the gunner didn’t wink at the woman and she attacked the car because it brushed up against her scooty.


The video made by one of the onlookers went viral on the internet resulting in Pandey’s residence being swarmed by news channels. She, since, has come forward and requested people to leave her and her family alone and will not be pressing charges. Sharma, however, is still outraged. According to another report by TOI, he said, “The girls hit the windshield of my car. It could have killed someone. They also misbehaved with me and tried to snatch my chain. I have eyewitnesses. I have paid for her loss of Rs 6,500 but what about my loss which amounts to Rs 3 lakh? The incident has defamed me and disturbed my mental peace,”


[Featured Picture Courtesy: India.com]