Just try typing “Diversity Articles” on Google and you will get around about 21,20,00,000 results. The next question you might ask is “So what, it’s the next best topic aka buzz in the market?” Well, this is where I guess most of us get it wrong. Diversity must be a “way of life”. Unless we don’t make it a way of our life, it will only remain a buzz word.

I am sure that you must have heard, read and event might know someone who is “Doing Diversity” at workplace. Well, there is nothing wrong in it, as someone has to start somewhere. Companies have started to publicly commit to Diversity Goals. These are small goals, but still it does matter. For some companies even a 2-3 % increase in Diversity numbers is a great achievement. But is this enough?

Are we happy with just percentages? Are we truly Diverse or we are just following the trends of the so called “Diversity Train” 

So the million dollar question is “How do we become Diverse?” 

Here are just 3 points that might help you in the process of becoming diverse:

–       Entry Point:

Interviews are the entry point for getting in talent into any organization. Imagine if the hiring teams, managers, leaders don’t have this information “gender or race of the applicant” will this help you remove the biased approach that we may have while screening and selecting profiles!!!

–       Top down approach:

No matter how many times you have read this, it’s still important and relevant. Unless the leadership does not commit towards becoming truly diverse, no matter what programs you drive, nothing will move. PS: Yes, you read it right, nothing will move

–       Mindset is everything:

Enough Said.

Here is one quote that is apt for all of us by John F. Kennedy “If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity”. Accepting the beauty of diversity that is all around us and making it a part of our culture has become imperative to succeed; it also becomes a part of the legacy we leave behind for future generations – where people do not fear to be different or voice opinions that challenge the norm. This is only a beginning.

So what are you waiting for? Stop doing and start acting. Would be great to know your views, inputs, suggestions on how you are planning to become more diverse. Write in the comments box below.