Hilary Clinton is running for President of the United States. We know. Do we also know that she is a law graduate from Yale, and her first job was not at a fancy law firm, but as an advocate for women and children’s rights? That’s how long she has been practising feminism.

America, no matter how progressive and technologically advanced, still doesn’t give women a role in society that puts them at an equal pedestal as men. Their first female Federal Reserve chairperson, Janet Yellen, was only elected in 2014, and there has been no woman leading this massive superpower so far.

This might change. There is a wave in America at the moment, a wave that sounds ‘Secretary Hilary Clinton’. But if she comes into power, what will Hilary actually do to change how the American society, as a whole, treats its women and the marginalized? She has a long list, but here are the few things that would help American women the most:

Protection from campus sexual assault:

Not only in colleges but also in secondary schools, Hilary aims to resolve the issue with a three fold mechanism: survivor support, fair process and prevention through education programs. “I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault: Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard”, she says. She is also keen on resolving the issue of violence against women, especially by intimate partner, though she hasn’t shared a clear road map on the same as yet.

She famously said, there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women 

Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights:

Planned parenthood has been one of the key points of focus of Obama’s regimen as well. Hilary, taking that forward has resolved to fight for the protection of Affordable Care Act and stop the Republicans from defunding planned parenthood. She urges every citizen of the country to join her to “Protect the right of every woman in this country to make her own health decisions.”

Paid family leave:

United States is the only country in the developed world to not have any specific provisions for paid family leave of any kind, which leaves  out a lot of women from the productive labour force. This is one of the first few things that she has in mind to change. She also wants to make affordable child care a national priority. She views this as ‘growth strategy’ and ‘not a luxury’.

Quote Pic Credit: Mashable
Quote Pic Credit: Mashable

LGBT Equality:

Hilary shares that a person from the LGBT community in America can be fired from work, denied a home or even denied a piece of cake at a wedding for their gender identity. She aims to put an end to such regressive cultural attitudes.”Gay rights are human rights”, and she aims to get them those through working for equality in everyday lives, providing support to LGBT parents and children, secure affordable treatment for HIV and AIDS and also honour the service of LGBT military personnel. She aims to do this through sensitization of law enforcers and citizens, and also investing in training against such ‘implicit bias’.

Equal Pay for Equal Work:

Hilary introduced a bill “Paycheck Fairness Act” as a senator, which she aims to bring into force if she becomes president. The bill will create transparency across the economy, and empower women with a tool that will help them get what is rightfully theirs. She also aims to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, which will help to pull out a lot of people, mainly women, out of poverty.

Voting Rights are everybody’s rights:

America holds the record for the lowest voter turnout anywhere in the developed parts of the world. People of colour, women and young people are mostly disenfranchised from the process. “We should do everything we can to make it easier for every citizen to vote”, is Hilary’s claims. She aims to do this through automatic voter registration, when s/he turns 18 and provide a 20 day  window prior to the elections for voters to physically visit booths and vote. If this happens, she would have set new voting standards across the globe.

What Will Hillary Clinton Do For American Women?
What Will Hillary Clinton Do For American Women?

“There is a continuing challenge of racism, sexism discrimination against the LGBT community, of the way we treat people as opposed to the way we want to be treated”, Hilary said at her speech in New Hampshire. She has a lot of support from people currently working in the system and she assures everyone that she can ‘get things done’. And we believe her, based on her record!