Punjab has originally been called the land of entrepreneurs but of late there has been criticism that the state’s not been living up to its past glory. While manufacturing has hit a thud there are sprouts of ideas in the technology and knowledge space. While a lot of new age startups are based in Chandigarh, the capital city there are many women taking up work from home opportunities.

Meenu Kalra is a soft skills trainers who travels to Hong Kong and Singapore regularly for sessions. She is putting structure to training and learning by creating India opportunities for theknowledgeacademy.com. “This company is headquartered in the UK. I am boosting the educational courses in the India market working at MSP. We provide various project management and IT related courses. I am currently working as Director of operations and Business Enhancer.”

Kalra reflects on the changing scenario in Punjab and how women are rising to the occasion to make the shift.

We are making the shift says Jalandhar based entrepreneur Meenu Kalra

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