Dear Ushaji,

Thank you so much for calling new generation mothers lazy because they feed their kids instant noodles and for blaming them for the rise in the sale of Maggi.


I completely agree with you.


I was raised by a working mother, who did not have the time everyday to make the homemade food you suggested, like ‘paratha’, ‘halwa’ and ‘sivaia’. Can you imagine such cruelty, especially since paratha and halwa are so much healthier for children than Maggi is?


I was fed many things: dal, chawal, beetroot, daliya, khichdi, biryani, dosa, even – sigh! – Maggi, when all I actually needed was paratha, halwa and sivaia? Such deprivation I have faced, I tell you.


My mother was a gold medalist who received a university award from the President of India. She was a rank civil officer before retiring as Chief Commissioner of the Income Tax. I ask you, Ushaji, why was my mother let out of the kitchen?


Why did my mother use her brains, intellect and aptitude when she could have been sitting at home feeding her children parathas? Why did my mother slave for more than thirty years at her desk instead of at the kitchen? Why did she use her talents on a career instead of in cooking? Why did my mother spend her salary on sending her children to the best schools and colleges in India when we could have eaten parathas instead?


Because of my mother’s hard work and intelligence we children grew up to be inspired by her. And as you, in your infinite wisdom know, it’s a really sad state of affairs when we children look up to our mothers for inspiration when we could, instead, be looking down at her parathas.


How do I even begin to tell you what becomes of children whose mother don’t feed them parathas everyday? Like I’ve said before, my mother didn’t, and because of that my brother and I grew up to be successful, accomplished and sensible adults. I know what you’re thinking (and, again, I agree with you): if we had been fed parathas instead of Maggi we would have been much better off in life. We would have realised our full potential. Perhaps we would have become BJP MLAs.


Now that you have opened our eyes to your wise ways, I have told my mother to stop wasting her retirement on painting beautiful art. I have told her – and I know you’ll approve – to go to the kitchen and make her deprived daughter some hot paratha. I hope you will be joining us for lunch.

Sincerest regards,