More power to women. The commander of the US Navy’s special warfare unit urges SEALs – SEa Air Land combat team to open recruitments for women. This is on the heels of opening up a separate ranger school for women. This is a great initiative for the empowerment of women in combative fields.

“In a five-page memo, Rear Adm. Brian Losey said that “there are no insurmountable obstacles” to opening the commando jobs to women, but he warned that there are “foreseeable impacts” to integrating them into ground combat units. Losey is the head of the Navy’s Special Warfare Command, which includes the SEAL teams and special warfare combatant craft crewmen.” as per PBS Newshour.

However, the commander also mentioned the fact that women are more prone to injuries and that the services rendered to them will be a more subtle version of what is given to the men. So the services will be adjusted and the standard of the job will be made lower. Of course this is likely to trigger a debate on how such conclusions are being arrived at.

The memo claimed that the U.S military services are yet to put a final word on whether women will be banned from the front-line combative jobs or not. However, unofficially it has been known that the Army, Navy and Air Force are going to open all the jobs for women. Nevertheless, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford who quit his position as commandant of the US Marine Corps is reluctant of having women in some Marine infantry and ground combat positions.

“There are about 500 women serving in certain Naval Special Warfare Command jobs, including in combat support missions, and they have been deploying with units for more than a decade,” said Losey in a report by PBS Newshour.

Picture Credit- The Wheaton Record