Twitter Inc. wasn’t yet over with the lawsuit filed against it by a female employee that now its internal team threw a frat themed party for its employees in San Francisco last week. It appeared as if the gender disparity in the Silicon Valley was being made fun of, when the all men party was thrown. Was it deliberately organised in such a manner? This question will haunt twitter for a while. The interim CEO, Jack Dorsey has apologised for organising an event that strongly supported the male fraternity in the company leaving aside its female employees.


After the issuance of the apology, twitter had a weekly all-hands meeting, Tea Time on Thursday where the issue of gender disparity cropped up with an employee asking “why twitter hasn’t made diversity a company-wide goal the way it does other aspects of the business,” as reported in Recode. To this question, the interim CEO, Jack Dorsey said that it should make diversity a company-wide goal and that it will. Nothing has been said officially said about it as yet. How it will be done is another question that crops up, Twitter teams will need to set “objectives and key result” (OKR) goals diversity-specific. Having said that, it has also been known that OKRs have never been compulsory in Twitter and never been carried out on such a large scale as company-wide.


“Jack was responding to a question raised by an employee in response to things we’re already doing around diversity at different levels of the company. We want our company’s makeup to be reflective of our vast user base, and we are committed to progress,” as stated by Twitter spokesperson in a report by Recode.


Setting up real goals to resolve this issue will bring about a solid change in the company as the employees will be held accountable and, with the emergence of women in the tech. industry, overflow of new ideas and techniques will be maintained. To gain back the lost respect of everyone after the lawsuit and this frat party, twitter really needs a varied work force. There is still time to guess what these objectives will include, but hopefully they will be more women savvy so that more and more women join the firm and break the glass ceiling attached to it.


Twitter isn’t alone in evolving internally in the case of increasing diversity; many have already started walking the path that leads to the equal number of women in the tech. sector compared to men. Facebook is among one of those who have joined in. But that kind of diversity to be and to grow will take many years from now.


Picture Credit- Bloomberg