Former Delhi Commission for Women chief Barkha Shukla said on Sunday that a decision on triple talaq should be taken with all parties’ consent.

Talking about Muslim women’s contention that they were being discriminated against, Shukla said, “This is a matter of regret as injustice is being done to women. I believe the law should look into the matter. In case of triple talaq, I believe that the decision should be taken after consent from all parties.”

“It is a good thing that women from that religion have come forward and approached court. Now, let us see what decision the court takes. The decision has to come from a consensus of all people,” she added, as reported by Ummid.

Recently, the Law Commission came out with a questionnaire asking people if Uniform Civil Code will be a better idea to eradicate discrimination against any gender in any religious personal law board. The Centre had defended the law commission’s move. However, on Saturday, it justified its stand saying that “it was motivated by the principles of gender justice” and that the questionnaire is an academic ritual to know people’s view on UCC.

It also articulated its stand on triple talaq, saying that it is in complete harmony with the Constitution of India and supports gender justice.

During a session on triple talaq in Supreme Court, the Centre stood against triple talaq and said that it is not an integral part of the religion. However, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board is against UCC and said that it’s not good for the nation.

Picture credit- Kashmir Mirror