A group of girls beat and stripped a tribal girl in Jharkhand after accusing her of stealing a mobile phone. A video of the incident and nude images of the girl were also circulated on social media. The girl is a first year student who said that she had bought a second-hand mobile phone for Rs 500. She said that another hostel resident then accused her of stealing her phone.

She said that the students called a student council meeting and told the tribal girl to pay a fine of Rs 18,600. They also threatened to circulate the nude video if she did not pay up.

The girl’s father was so distressed that he threatened to commit suicide along with his daughter. The Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Raghubar Das, has said officials will investigate the incident and take strict action against the culprits.

“What’s the fate of my daughter now? How will she go to the college? How will she face the society? Who will marry her? Lumpen elements will now blackmail her,” said her father. The girl had left the hostel and had told her father what had happened. He then went to the hostel and pleaded with the students to give him time to pay the fine, and not make the video viral.

He said that he would even sell his oxen. However, the girls had already circulated the video. “We are proceeding with the inquiry. I assure the guilty students would not be spared,” police superintendent Mayur Patel said. He is reaching out to the administrators of various Whatsapp groups to ensure that they delete the video and do not circulate it further. 

The college has said that since the girls are tribals, there is a lot of pressure to solve the matter internally, via negotiations.

Let’s hope the girl gets justice soon.

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