Do you know when International Men’s Day is? The reason I start with the question is that not a lot of people know about this (or, at least not the hypocritical minds!) and without having that knowledge, they banter around, pointing out the fault of having a special day dedicated to women only.

The search data from Google India for the last 7 days shows us that men being men (not criticizing though!) have spent their valuable days on finding out the correct date when men, too, can claim a special day dedicated to them.

Relax guys! International Men’s Day is on November 19.

Women in general have a lot to call out — pay parity and rights for women, discrimination and gender issues, gender equality, sexual exploitation and the age-old patriarchy. Then why people don’t celebrate Men’s Day, you ask! Think twice – because oh yeah right, you guys don’t have such issues to fight for. So, now that you know about International Men’s Day, what change do you perceive to bring about in men’s lives?

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However, I really appreciate the curiosity of knowing the right date of Men’s Day and guys not only you, but the whole globe should know this, I agree. But only if you could have spared half of this hard work on knowing the date and instead focused on bettering the situation for women.

International Women’s Day is one of the trending topics in India in Google search and why shouldn’t it be? But let’s not get diverted from the topic.

International Men's Day data
Pic Credit: India Today

Check this out: Haryana, which is infamous for its skewed sex ratio, is leading in the search for Men’s Day followed by Punjab, Delhi, Karnataka and Telangana. Uttar Pradesh ranks last in the list, which is odd because that state is in the most vulnerable shape since we keep hearing horrific news like rape videos are sale for as low as Rs 50 in Agra, girls’ phone numbers being sold by mobile recharge shops to gain a few extra bucks. Yet for men, wanting to know about Men’s Day is more important than digging deep inside to solve such hideous issues. But of course, congratulations that the query still secures fourth position in the list of topics most searched on Google India.

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According to Mirror, not many of us are aware of the date and thus tweet most about International Men’s Day on March 8th-9th during International Women’s Day. They also mentioned that in 2013, there were about 25,000 tweets about International Men’s Day.

Tweets- on international mens day
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According to the official website, International Men’s Day concentrates on men’s and boy’s health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models.

When Equality is what we women seek, we would be happy to celebrate a day dedicated to men. Keeping the fire aside, I also feel it is great to have one day for men, to celebrate their goodwill and to appreciate their contribution in society. It is certainly for the greater good, after all.

Nevertheless, until the existing imbalance between genders fades away completely, let’s focus on Women’s Day and give it the top priority rather than Men’s Day, shall we?

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