With a noble intention to give women a chance to hone their entrepreneurial skills, Gujarat-based realtor Rajiv Patel decided to hire only women for his eatery.

From serving water to noting down orders, the tasks have been delegated among a bevy of eight women who strive to complete those with utmost perfection.

“When my wife Dipti and I conceived the plan to start an eatery, we decided to hire only women. In our society, women are still given the second-class treatment and have little decision-making power. I have immense faith in their skills and wanted to prove to everyone that if given an opportunity, women will take up any challenge.” says Patel, owner of the 14-months-old eatery.

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Besides being an eatery run by all female staff, it is also unique in the sense that it introduces a range of new cuisines every few months. The onus of managing the women lies on Dipti’s shoulders.

While Indians are accustomed to seeing the women working in the kitchen and managing the household, seeing them doing the same professionally in an eatery is sure to raise some eyebrows.

Talking about the initial response, he admits that earlier, the customers used to be surprised when they saw women serving them but eventually they got used to it.

Impressed by the stellar skills his all-women staff is exhibiting to run the eatery, he foresees all of them becoming successful entrepreneurs one day.

Tehrim Campwala, who has done a professional culinary course, says,”When I heard about this eatery, I immediately decided to join it.”It’s a great feeling to work among so many talented women. Rajiv is like a father figure who supports us all.”

SheThePeople.TV salutes Rajiv Patel’s endeavour to provide women with a wonderful platform to work on their leadership skills while earning their livelihood at the same time.

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