He drinks and he knows things! Sounds familiar? Once upon a time, there lived a boy who was tagged beast by none other than his own family. Our dearest and arguably the most feminist character of Game Of Thrones Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) is coming back with dragons and we cannot not love him more.

With only a few days left for the 7th season, fans across the world are raising a toast in the name of House Targaryen.

While I pledge my allegiance to House Stark, what could be a better way than celebrating in honour of gaining self-esteem?
A bakery in Dubai has created the world’s most expensive cake for Dh91,800 (Rs 16 Lakhs)!

Broadway Bakery on Sheikh Zayed Road has replicated the bravest Lannister on the Iron Throne. It’s their way to show love for  that one character who they definitely don’t want to see die this season, Gulf News reported.

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The bakery released a statement saying, “The cake is prepared on a sponge base of your favourite flavour, and all designs are created using sugar fondant. The cake weighs 30 to 32 kg and can easily serve 100 to 120 people. This epic four-foot high cake is a majestic tribute to the legendary Tyrion Lannister – the rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms.”

They also posted a special video on YouTube:

Well, we all have been waiting for more than a year, since the last season aired and now when only a week is left till the premiere, can’t keep calm!

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion will play a crucial role in season 7 as he would help Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke) win back the Iron Throne.

Tyrion Lannister, Game Of Thrones
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His journey to conquer the seven kingdoms may be sudden, but Tyrion always stood out. From falling in love with a prostitute to marrying someone to fulfil his father’s political ambitions he left a mark. We saw a gentle Tyrion after this marriage even though Cercie was so hateful towards him, he never hurt her.

A son who was always mistreated by his family because he was born a dwarf. He is truly the male feminist on the show, who also reminds us that knowledge is more important than looks.

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Tyrion Lannister

The new season of Game Of Thrones premieres on July 16.  It’s GoT after all so it’s gotta be a hell lot unpredictable.
Valar Morghulis.

Feature Image Credit: Time Out Dubai

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