44-year-old Nilakshi Elizabeth Jorendal’s happiness knew no bounds when she met her ailing biological mother in Yavatmal, Maharashtra. Nilakshi is an India-born Swedish national who was adopted by a foreign couple in 1976 when she was three years old.

Nilakshi was born at Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission’s shelter and adoption home in 1973 in Kedgaon near Pune. The same year, her father who worked as a farm labourer, committed suicide.

After her birth, her mother deserted Nilakshi in the adoption home and remarried. She has a son and a daughter from the second marriage. In 1976, a Swedish couple adopted Nilakshi with aid from the government. Both Nilakshi and her biological mother suffer from thalassemia.

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Nilakshi had reportedly sought help from Anjali Pawar of Pune-based NGO ‘Against Child Trafficking’ to track her biological mother.

Pawar, who was present when the reunion took place, tells PTI, “It was an emotional reunion on Saturday (June 10) at the government hospital in Yavatmal. The mother-daughter duo broke into tears. Nilakshi, who was on a mission to trace her biological parents, had met her mother briefly earlier but this was a more elaborate, public reunion.”

She mentioned that Nilakshi had been visiting India since 1990 to trace her biological mother. She visited India six times for this. During the June 10 meeting, she assured her biological mother’s family of all help in her treatment.

Such gratifying stories foster our belief in humanity and the infinite power human relationships carry.

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