Journalist by profession and an artist at heart, I have a knack for gravitating towards the most liberated fields to give an expression to everything I stand for. This explains my decade long theatre stint, ever since I got introduced to the word “ambition.” Impartially and unconditionally, I embodied every facet of theatre; I studied and imparted, I created and performed.

My interest in journalism was kindled by the same yearning. Coming from Ghaziabad automatically tips one’s scales to the extremes of the gender movement.  Until college, I had been looking at the revolution through my own little keyhole. I picked up literature, as it would lend me a great deal of perspective and grant me a more encompassing vantage point. After discovering the versatility in journalism, I decided give flight to everything I felt fervently and passionately for. I embarked upon this journey at an institution I found to be quite similar to myself; free spirited, fiercely opinionated and at the same time, accepting of everything out of the ordinary- The Asian College of Journalism. This brought me to the next leg of my journey- She the people.