Here’s the story of Jyothi Priya who grew up in a humble household and went on to do her engineering and later join a corporate house. From the moment when her education was stalled, for she was a girl to one where she now is an important earner for her family, Kumari’s story promises to inspire you

A typical village. A typical story. But a woman who made extraordinary efforts to go against the grain. Jyothi Priya came from a simple home. Her mother Lalitha Kumari was married early and was forced to settle and not pursue her education. “She is a typical village background lady who just passed her 6th standard. She was from a rich family but her father expired when she was just 4 years old,” Jyothi Priya recounts of her mom’s early years.

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“After her marriage (my father who was also from a wealthy family ) , me and my brothers were born – and we faced lot of ups and downs due to some court issue. We were down to a stage, where money for eating food was also difficult.”

Jyothi Priya somehow managed to pass 10th standard. “All our relatives suggested to stop my education since I am a girl, with my mother support I  joined the polytechnic college, so that fees would be less. I completed my polytechnic on scholarship amount during which our family was still financially unstable. My mother finally took a decision that she would go for tailoring work for the family’s survival.” A family court battle meant all the inherited wealth was no longer available for a financial rescue.

Thankfully from this moment on, there were signs of a turnaround. What’s that saying? Drop drop makes an ocean and so Jyothi Priya and her family starting putting blocks of their journey together. “My father’s small business started earning and add to that some funds from my mother’s tailoring earnings, we 3 studied and I joined Engineering.” She was selected in a campus interview to work for Dalmia Bharat. “I used to support my family during which my elder brother completed his MBA and younger brother completed his Engineering. It’s only now that we 3 are graduates and working.”

To Jyothi Priya this is a story of how her mom’s struggle in life didn’t deter her from trying something new. She was humble and her humility took her to try new opportunities despite her wealthy backdrop. “This was possible only because my mother supported us during crisis. Her strong will and hardwork made us graduates. I salute my mother.”