South Korean President Park Geun-Hye was impeached from her office following corruption charges.

Elections for a new President will be held within 60 days. The ex-President’s lifelong friend Choi Soon-sil held no official position, but prosecutors have found that the President collaborated with her to take bribes. Samsung reportedly gave them $37 million.

Park has refused to appear before court. After the scandal came to light, hundreds of thousands have been protesting that she be impeached and she was suspended from office in December. She is accused of receiving $70 million from businesses.

This will be the first time a sitting South Korean President will be removed from office. Here are some things to know about Park and the scandal:

  • Her father Park Cung-hee was an army general who seized control of the country in 1961 via a military coup.
  • In 1970, he was assassinated and Park disappeared for almost two decades. Nobody is clear on what she did.
  • She entered the national assembly in 1998 and made her first bid for President 10 years later.
  • Her friendship with Choi Soon-sil began with her involvement with the Church of Eternal Life, and her father’s relationship with Choi’s father, the founder of the group.
  • The Korean cable TV network JTBC broke the news of the corruption as it found evidence on a PC in the trash.

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