The Shimla police walked three hours in snow in order to transport a pregnant woman to the hospital. The snow cover in the hill station blocked all the roads in front of 23 year old Kamini’s house. On the night of her delivery, Kamini found herself unable to get to the hospital. The ambulance that she had called had come to a halt because of the weather. Luckily, the police were ready to help her. 6 policemen came to her door to rescue her. They covered her in a blanket, placed her on a chair and carried her for more than three hours, walking in the heavy snow.

Shimla Policemen help pregnant woman
Source: OneIndia

They reached Kamla Nehru Hospital at 9:30 pm after walking more than 10 kilometres. These kind of stories give us hope that the policemen in our country aren’t as incompetent and corrupt as is the common perception, and can go out of their way doing to do their duty.

Here are some other stories where the police have done a phenomenal job:

The Raipur police made an 11 year old, visually impaired girl a police officer for the day. They gave her gifts and held a birthday party for her.

The Gaya Railway police in Bihar teach children from nearby slum areas. Suman, a rag-picking child who attends the classes on the railway platform, said, “We are rag pickers, but now we are studying here. I wish to get into the police service some day.”

Last year Delhi policemen saved 27 people from a burning building using two borrowed ladders. The building was a girls hostel and the team was lead by Amar Colony’s SO, Udaibir Singh.

We need to respect and celebrate policemen who go out of their way to do their jobs. Hopefully their stories will inspire many other public servants and even citizens to step out and help those in need.

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