After gauging the invaluable service that the all-women cab company ‘She-Taxi’ was rendering to women- not only as a means of safe commuting, but also as an employer, its parent organization Gender Park has decided to up the scale of it by a notch. This gave rise to She-Bus, a mode of public transport exclusively of women, for women, and by women.


Gender Park, an autonomous institution under the state Social Justice Department is now set to launch this convenient, affordable and safe mode of transport for the women commuters in the masses in Kerala- in the wake of increasing crimes against women countrywide. 


Their previously launched round the clock service She-Taxi was applauded not only by the state government, but also by the World Bank as a ‘good model of sustainable entrepreneurship,’ when Gender Park CEO Dr PTM Sunish  presented it at a conference there.


“We had launched She-Taxi as a safe travel option for one or a group of women. Its success and wide acceptance has given us confidence to think about another project which may appeal to more women in the society,” State Minister for Social Justice, M K Muneer said to Indian Express 


The features of the bus include air conditioning, low flooring and wheel-chair lifts, and will welcome women as well as children – and will ply the roads of Thiruvananthapuram in its first phase, just like its predecessor She-Taxi was launched.


After its establishment in Thiruvananthapuram- that is, exploring possible routes, quantity and frequency of buses etc- the service will hit other metro cities like Kochi and Kozhikode in its phase  2.


Besides, Sunnish revealed to Indian Express  that the fares charged would be easy on the pocket- keeping in mind that their target is middle-class women. They are even fashioning various schemes. “Ticket rates will be minimum and reasonable. The commuters can travel several times in a day on the same ticket. Monthly ticket options are also under consideration,” he said.


In fact, the World Bank has even proposed backing, considering the indispensability of She-Taxis in the state now.  Women passengers not only feel like they are in safe hands, She-taxi also aims at conjuring a warm and comfortable vibe.


“She-Taxi has made a difference in this situation forthe first time. Women consider She-Taxis as their own vehicles.Many passengers said they felt like home while travelling in the safe cabs, driven by women. We want to create such a ‘we-feel’ among women through She-bus also,” he said.


She-taxis are state-of-the-art, and run by skilled women drivers who take home anywhere between Rs 15,000-25,000 a month. She-bus will ride on the same wave, striving to recreate the efficacy of She-taxis. 


Source: Indian Express

Image: A fleet of She-Taxis, captured by NDTV