Jolly Chandra is a woman with many facets.  She is a home-maker, a mother, a beautician and an entrepreneur all combined in one. Born in Kolkata but brought up in Ahmedabad, she is a Bengali at heart but a fluent speaker of Gujrati. She can also speak Hindi and English fluently. A lady of many talents, her special skill is the art of making women look beautiful.

Her passion for beauty originated in childhood when as she admits, she thought “I can make women look pretty”. She started her career in 1996 as a beauty artist. It was an incident at a local parlour in Kolkata where the hair girl didn’t knew what to do with her mother-in law’s hair which made her determined to open a parlour for women which will do justice to their money and time.

When she made the decision, she was a newly married wife in a well to do Bengali Family and no one in the family liked her idea of opening a Parlor, “ You belong to a very good family, why do you think we will allow you to work?”were the words of her Mother-in-law. At that time, two decades ago, no girl who belonged to a business class family in Kolkata  would have been allowed to work, run a business or even think of working as an hair and make-up artist.

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Jolly Chandra and Swastika Mukherjee
Jolly with actress Swastika Mukherjee, a regular client

With determination and hard-work Jolly worked day and night to find a place for her Parlor and managed to buy furniture, utensils alone just to kick start her career. She had one single helping hand-untrained girl by her side but that did not stop her. She started with a single mirror and dressing table and today she owns two of the most known and highly celebrated Beauty chains of Kolkata called the “Satin Rose”. She is the proud owner of both the parlours and employs more than 16 beauticians at present.

“Every girl should have her own identity, and no one should make her feel dependent, if you have passion and truly believe in yourself no one can stop you”, she says.  Jolly today is one of the highly recommended beauticians in the Kolkata Film industry, her clientele list includes some of the biggest names like Swastika Mukherjee, Pooja Bose, Vikram Ghosh and many more. She has her own social circle which comprises of the most well known personalities.

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Most of her clients admire her work and love her passion, but not many know her struggle against the odds of family and money. She had fought her way in order to find a respectful place in a society which 20 years ago did not approve of her passion or career choice.

Jolly is a testament to the fact that hard work and passion can take one places, and that women do not need to be dependent on men for their identity.

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