The Rajasthan Commission for Women (RCW) on Friday launched a safety app for women, ‘Raj Mahila Suraksha‘. At the launch, RCW chairperson Suman Sharma said that the app’s objective is safety of women and it has been developed with the help of the department of information technology & communication.

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The commission had announced the safety app at the International Women’s Day in March. So why did it take so long to be launched? Sharma said that the app has gone through several feasibility tests with the help of Jaipur police commissionarate before coming out in the market.

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How does the app work?

In case of any kind of danger, all you need to do is shake and tap your mobile thrice, and an alert will be automatically activated, which will help you seek aid. The app is developed in a way that it sends alerts to three default locations – the nearest police station, the women’s commission and one additional number of a friend or family – when activated.

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The shaking feature was added while keeping in mind that in case of an emergency, for a girl, it might not be easy to dial a number or send a message. So after the ‘shake’, an alert would be sent through a GPS to the nearest police station and the state women’s commission while a message will also go to a friend or family member of the user.

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