Tapan Ray, Corporate Affairs Secy: We will make startup registration down to 24 hours

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley: StartUpIndia is a landmark for India’s ecosystem
With this #StartUpIndia campaign, government will play less and less role in interventions

J.S.Deepak: Our two focus areas will be- funding and incubation. We are focused on being the best in this area. We have announced the electronic development fund with the corpus of $500M. This include the possibilities of startups in areas where we import as well.

V S Oberoi: 38 research parks will provide hand holding. Imprint India was launched by President of India. In next few months, one would see the clear focus on non-metro cities.

Mohandas Pai: 6 of the 8 unicorns have redomiciled, the remaining 2 as well. We need to make provision to avoid this.

Masayoshi Son: Just because big cheques have been signed to startups and entrepreneurs become rich, they shouldn’t consider themselves successful.

Masayoshi Son: Even if you’re the last person left in the ship, you should be able to save it, or have the attitude to do so. This is what we expect from startup entrepreneurs and employees.

Masayoshi Son: Information revolution is going to be 100 times bigger than the industrial revolution.

Masayoshi Son: First 5-10 years should be focused to try being a big fish rather than eyeing public listing.

Masayoshi Son: Startup companies cannot take care of infrastructure. Two things which are lacking in India are: mobile infrastructure, connectivity is very slow, and electricity, none of the things work without electricity.