Rebekah Brooks is returning as the CEO of News UK after taking a sabbatical of more than a year. The reason behind her quitting the job is attributed to a shocking hacking scandal involved News of the World. However, her name has been cleared off from the case.

Brooks will also work on digital efforts at News Corp, which separated from the entertainment conglomerate Twenty-First Century Fox two years ago, as reported by The Hindu.

The hacking scandal which involved Brooks was the reason of the shutdown of News of the World. The show was the beginning of her career in 1989.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is likely to be benefitted by Brooks joining. She was alleged to be an apprentice of Murdoch, who introduced her with a lot of major figures like ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair and the current Prime Minster, David Cameron. She will be working at the London office from where she left off.

“Rebekah will lead a great team at News UK into the digital future, while maximising the influence and reach of our newspapers, which remain the most informative and successful in Britain and beyond,” said Robert Thomson, chief executive of News Corp, as quoted by The Guardian.

News Corp. has spent around $500 million in order to help hacking victims and more money after reporters caught snooping, at thousands of the voicemails of common people, came to light.

Brooks might earn as much as three million annually if she gets paid similar to the former CEOs. Nevertheless, a spokesperson from the company refused to comment on the development, as stated by The Guardian.

News UK, which includes The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times papers, also announced that David Dinsmore will be the COO of News UK and Tony Gallagher, the tabloids news editor.

Picture Credit- Snipview