The Lieutenant Governor of Pudduchery, Kiran Bedi is reportedly in a dispute with the WCD minister, Maneka Gandhi over stray dogs in the Union Territory. While Bedi wants the stray dogs to be removed from streets and put safely in pounds, Gandhi is of the opinion that stray dogs should not be touched.

The dispute originated when Gandhi found out that Bedi had launched a campaign against stray dogs who are biting random people on the streets and thus creating a menace. Gandhi, famous for her love for animals, defended their right to be free.

Bedi has blamed Gandhi for meddling with the affairs of UT administration by constantly calling senior officials and directing them to stop the drive against stray dogs. To this remark, Gandhi responded that Bedi is known for “attacking everybody” to maintain her own “popularity.”

“She is a strong animal lover but she needs to appreciate human life also,” Bedi told HT. With a large number of stray dogs in the UT, they have become difficult to handle. There are reports of people getting bitten by dogs, accidents happening because of dogs chasing vehicles and even the nuisance created by dogs on the beach is affecting the city’s tourism.

Bedi claimed that the dogs will be put in safe pounds and that is not being harsh towards them but Gandhi calls every time somebody even lays hands on the dogs. “The chief secretary is getting calls one after another. Municipal commissioners have written how she calls them directly. We need a balance – streets for people and pounds for dogs,” Bedi said.

Both the dignitaries have even exchanged emails over this issue but no common ground has been reached.

Picture credit- Business Standard