The newest woman leader on the block has arrived, and she’s made an entry with all guns blaring. Set to step into the shoes of the ruler in two weeks is Lynne Doughtie, who has been appointed by KPMG Consultancy services as their new Chief Executive Officer for all of USA. Here are five things to look out for in this new power-woman’s life:


1. It’s a first:

She is the first woman to have been endowed upon such a staggering and pivotal role in the organization. KPMG, the one of the top most Audit and financial service firm worldwide, proved why it is indeed one of the “100 Best Companies to Work for” in 2015 – the giant truly values diversity, and has catapulted the deserving Doughtie to the frontlines to represent their ideology and further the cause.

2. But It’s not a First for Doughtie

Doughtie is no stranger to leading large teams-  she’s held various regional and global leadership roles in her stint with KPMG, where she joined in 1985. And just some of the coolest ones include being the lead engagement partner for some of the firm’s major clients, being on KPMG International’s global Advisory leadership team, and best yet- overseeing KPMG’s innovative ventures into information security and digital transformation.

And now, she stands at the brink of a five year term as CEO of the firm’s fastest growing wing, which she is to assume in two weeks, on July 1, 2015.

3. Why She is Where She is:

There is no denying that Doughtie was the star employee since she the word go. She has been credited with being behind the achievement of many milestones for the auditing giant. Under her wings, the U.S. Advisory practice reached unprecedented levels of success and established itself as the global company’s fastest growing business.  John Veihmeyer, the man she succeeded, is all praises for the power woman. “Lynne Doughtie is an incredibly innovative, thoughtful and inspiring leader, who has the exact qualities needed to lead our firm and our people in a time of increasing complexity and change,”  he spoke of her in a KPMG press communication.

4. How she has been popular all along:

Doughtie is an iconic woman even before she was the chosen one, to lead the biggest finance consultancy firm in the world. In the past, she was recognized with numerous honors and awards including being named one of Consulting Magazine’s “Top 25 Consultants” and “Top Women Leaders in Consulting.” Diversity Journal also hailed her as one of the “Women Worth Watching,” while Accounting Today featured her in their leading “Women in Accounting” list.

5. What She aims to do as a Woman on top:

She acknowledges that it is a tough world out there for women, but she never let that creep into her performance. Coming from a family of strong women who all worked, her work ethic will essentially have one motto-  “To make every project she gets, the very best,” as she revealed to the DiversityJournal.

Doughtie has been recognized with numerous honors and awards throughout her career, including being named one of Consulting Magazine’s “Top 25 Consultants” and “Top Women Leaders in Consulting.” She was also featured in Profiles in Diversity Journal’s “Women Worth Watching,” and recognized in Accounting Today’s “Women in Accounting.”