PwC’s new report, Winning the fight for female talent, explores how organisations are making substantial efforts to deliver on their gender diversity attraction goals. It aims at emphasizing more on hiring female talent to drive innovation and gain a competitive advantage.

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The report involves views of 328 executives and 4792 professionals from over 70 countries.

Highlights of the report

  •  87%of CEOs across the globe are focused on talent diversity and inclusion
  •  78% of large organisations are actively trying to recruit more women
  •  80% of organisations said that they have aligned their diversity and recruitment strategies.
  • 76% of organisations have incorporated diversity and inclusion into their employer brands.
  • 24% increased levels of external female leadership appointments.

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While roping in more and more women solves a large part of the gender diversity problem, organisations must also focus on helping women build sustainable careers by giving them ample of opportunities for growth.

  • The report also talks about the various obstacles that need to be addressed to increase women’s participation. Concerns over cost and impact of maternity leave, lack of adequate skills, impact of gender stereotypes on the recruitment process are some of the problems they grapple with. A lot of women also feel that employers are biased in favor of male candidates while attracting talent.

PwC Diversity Report

  •  It also mentioned that opportunities for career progression, competitive wages and a culture of flexibility and work-life balance played a pivotal role in attracting employees to organisations. 86% women and 74% women take into account factors like diversity, equality and diversity before working for an organisation.
  • 50% of women feel that there exists a gender pay gap between equally qualified males and females.

SheThePeople.TV spoke to Satyavati Berera, Chief Operating Officer, PwC India regarding the same.

“At PwC, the differences of our people are instrumental in making us the organisation we are and we believe they add to our culture. We have a good mix of people from different backgrounds who bring with them a variety of opinions and perspectives, which enrich us as an organisation for our people and our clients. However, for us, diversity is not just about highlighting these differences, it is about coming together despite those differences towards a common goal of living our Values and Purpose. As leaders, day after day we work towards giving equal opportunities to all our people irrespective of their gender, age or background. This is what makes us truly diverse.”
The need of the hour is to fine-tune the organisation’s diversity and talent strategies to achieve better attraction of today’s large and growing pool of female talent. The policies and programs should be designed in a way that make possible successful engagement, development, progression and retention of female talent.