The idea of female empowerment has stayed in the dark for long in Pakistan but like a silver lining a female fictional hero- the Burka Avenger has become so popular that she is able to bring more change with popularity.

The female cartoon character is getting into the lives of the common people with her quest for change. She is fighting gender based crime, she is building stories of empowerment and more. “The Burka Avenger is a teacher, Jiya, who in her spare time dons a burqa while fighting gender-based crimes and other evils, and she is the symbol of empowerment for girls across the Muslim world that many hoped would arrive,” reports Mic.

The cartoon gained popularity with the crowd instantly in 2013 and the female superhero is going to get an even bigger audience as its show is going to be launched on the channel “edutainment” channel on ZeeQ so the show is going to be getting Indian audience as well. Earlier the show was telecasted in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“Her nocturnal incarnation uses books as weapons and fights for causes unique to the region — polio awareness, literacy, anti-radicalization efforts — all while wearing a stylized burka in the form of her jet black costume,” reports Huffington Post.

The first episode of Burka Avenger was aired in 2012 when Malala Yousafzai, crusader of girl child education survived a gun shot at point blank by a Taliban. She became an ambassador of education overnight. It has been said that the episode took at least five to six months to be made, but the distributors only nodded to air it after Malala’s efforts got global attention.

“I am immensely proud that we were able to produce such a high quality and successful animated TV show here in Pakistan. This is a testament to Pakistani talent. Animation is a collaborative effort and we have writers, musicians, artists, animators, editors, voice over artists, and many other talented people who helped but this together here in Islamabad. Everyone has worked very hard,” said Haroon Rashid, Pakistani icon, stated Daily Times.

Picture Credit- The Indian Express